The night she fought back!

This unique book of poems from Claire C Holland really caught me off guard. I am not much for poetry, but, when I read the back cover, I knew I had to give this a read.
These are the thoughts, told in a riveting dark and whimsical way, of some of our favorite and most famous horror movies ever.
From Carrie from Stephen Kings Carrie, Rosemary from Roasemary's Baby, Sarah from The Descent, Laurie from Halloween, Ginger from Ginger Snaps all the way to more recent films such as Thomasin from The VVitch and Amber from Green Room.
There are so many more, and told from a standpoint of their breaking points. They will not stand for it any longer. It's a wonderfully thought out collection, easy to identify with our girls and smooth to read through. I was very impressed with this collection.


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